The primary fascinating of this home is the situation; Rio de Janeiro Brazil. How lovely surroundings and panorama there, including with uncommon structure design of home it turns into good place to relaxation in vacation. This home is exactly situated in tropical space so it may name as tropical home with leaf petals form. If we see this home from the air we’ll see the good surroundings of the home’s roof. The roof that reminds a flower acts as an enormous leaf that protects from the solar all of the enclosed areas of the home. The structure is stage home with out hall each inside and out of doors, and utilizing pure air flow. The aesthetic is all natural based on the tropical place. The home is ideal for social gatherings and events due to its snug verandas and open areas in between rooms.


Tropical Home from the air


Flower Petals Roof design


Romantic Lighting Exterior at Night time


Lovely Panorama Location


Entrance surroundings of tropical home


Opened Front room with Pool


Opened areas in uncommon design


Opened Bed room Luxurious room


Upstairs design superb


Opened room underneath the Petals flower

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