Listed here are some designs of motels on tree. The designs are include three, they usually have totally different fashions however in a single idea of tree home. The primary is dice type with a lot of the wall utilizing mirror glass. The mirror is on the surface so can mirror the timber across the dice tree home. The mirrored of the tree makes the home does not so seen. The inside of the home is trendy. The second is tree home with suspension bridge. This home shaped like a normal home however on a tree, and has suspension bridge as one for hallway however nonetheless on the tree. So trendy and excessive know-how can constructed tree home like that. And the third one is tree home designed like a nest hanging on the tree. The nest is decor by some mild, produced from picket wall and department. The three tree homes are decor by pure cover of the tree.


Glass mirror for the surface wall


Tree home with suspension bridge


Idea of the tree home


Cover because the hold on


Invisible Dice glass tree home

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