That is the nogg, a contemporary hen coop in egg form. Too bored to make use of regular hen coop, it’s extra trendy so you can even ensure that within the farm even have good wanting inside. Trendy hen coop in egg form is designed to deal with 2-four chickens in an aesthetically pleasing coop to go with any backyard. The food and drinks for hen additionally present in it, don’t be concerned if the hen do not have entry to daylight as a result of on the highest of this contemporary hen coop designed a glass ceiling for the air flow too. A contact of playful magnificence to take a seat superbly in any backyard, city or rural setting is design right here.


Trendy hen coop design


Backyard ornament of recent coop


Closed design of recent hen coop


Easy for hen to enter


Food and drinks place inside


Glass ceiling and air flow

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